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Windows Blue: A Tour in Pictures

Windows Blue: A Tour in Pictures

Last weekend the next version of Windows 8, known by the code name “Blue” hit the internet and made quite a splash. Since the day it launchedb I have been playing around with build 9364 and checking out what is included.

There are lots of changes and additions: SkyDrive has been integrated into the Modern UI version of the Control Panel, which is accessed from the Charms menu. There are new Modern UI apps, like Sound Recorder (which seems to crash whenever I try to open it), Alarms, and a calculator. There is Internet Explorer 11, but it is not much different from 10.

By now you have likely heard most of what has been added and changed in the next version of the operating system, but perhaps you have not seen it. So rather than droning on about what all is here, I would rather show you the screenshots I have grabbed over the days since this build leaked.

Remember: this is an early build and many things may still, and probably will, change. But it is a good first look at what you can expect. A word of caution if you are considering trying it out—do not make this your primary operating system. I have been testing it using Virtual Box and it’s buggy and just as likely to crash as it is to run.