Entertainment 2.0 #186 : Long Live Windows Home Server

Jul 20, 2012 by

Josh and Richard are back this for Episode 186, and for the second week in a row they brought a guest with them to the show. This week, after covering the latest Windows 8 and Windows Media Center news they were joined by Microsoft Windows Home Server MVP Dave McCabe. He brought with him his vast Home Server experience to discuss what the death of Home Server means for its fans, and for the Media Center community. Many Media Center users, including Josh and Richard, also incorporate Home Server into their home computing environment, so bringing on the host of The Home Server Show podcast was really helpful in clearing up what all of this news means. Make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of the next episode of the show next Tuesday, July 24th at 8pm ET!

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  • justinmoss

    Hi Guys, great show – with one exception ..

    I have to pull you up on the “50% discount” story about the Lumia 900 – with TCO for the Lumia running at about $2000 over 24 months, a $50 discount is only 2½ % discount.  Contract prices should *never* be quoted as the phone prices – this little excercise (where uncharacteristically got sucked in by the marketing) just proves it.



  • http://twitter.com/WhatImpressesMe Inspired Richard

    Yes, there’s been a lot of discussion about how contract price needs to be factored into what you pay for the phone, but I’m not convinced that’s fair. Presumably, we’re all going to have a monthly wireless phone/data bill. We’re going to be paying one every month, regardless of what phone we’re using. So unless one carrier’s plan is particularly more expensive or cheaper than others, that’s a sunk cost. What’s left? The price you have to lay out for a new device and for activation, if applicable. From that perspective, it’s all about the immediate price you have to pay for the phone.

  • jpollarddmz

    I agree with Richard. It’s not that you’re wrong Justin. The sad fact is that the vast majority of people simply don’t factor the monthly contract bill into the equation, because most people are just going to pay it anyway. Your point is totally valid though. In fact, when people ask for my advice when purchasing a new phone I always tell them not to let the upfront cost of the phone be a large factor in the decision. The reason being that they are always going to be under a two year contract. If you’re going to be stuck with a phone for two years, you don’t want to skimp out on something as little as $50 and be regretting your purchase in 6 months.

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