Entertainment 2.0 #185 : Return of the Doc

Jul 13, 2012 by

For episode 185 Josh and Richard are joined by long time friend of the show Derek Flickinger. Doc Flick, as Josh likes to call him, has made many appearances on the show in the past, but none in over two years! He’s been at the front of the field in the custom installer market, and has a wealth of knowledge covering all areas of home entertainment, networking, and so much more. We spent the show catching up with him and getting his take on where this segment has gone over the last couple of years, and where it still needs to go.┬áMake sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of the next episode of the show next Tuesday, July 17th at 8pm ET!

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  • SikSlayer

    Doc Flick! Was wondering what happened to him………….
    Too bad I missed the live recording, sounds like it was a good time.