thEndUsr Podcast Comes to The Digital Media Zone

Mar 5, 2012 by

thEndUsr podcastThis month, thEndUsr podcast comes to The Digital Media Zone, adding a tech news and discussion show to our lineup of weekly podcasts. The show is hosted by Chris Barnes and Taylor Maher. Chris originally created the show while pursuing a degree in Audio Technology. He hosts and produces the show from his home using a recipe of audio processing that he’s perfected over the years, resulting in a tight, great-sounding show.

Chris and Taylor’s enthusiasm for gadgets and technology comes through loud and clear on the show. Each week they take a look at the week’s top tech stories that impact end users—sometimes it’s consumer electronics, sometimes it’s science and technology. Whatever it is, you can bet the two will present the news with a fresh and entertaining perspective.

If the rapport these two hosts share seems apparent, it could be because they’ve been doing this show together for nearly two years now. Or it could be because they’ve known each other for about twenty years! But don’t expect chorus and harmony on all topics. Taylor’s (now) a Mac, and Chris is a PC, so they have to get the occasional barbs in, when appropriate.

Chris joined us on last week’s episode of Entertainment 2.0, where we had a chance to ask him about the show and other projects he’s undertaken—including a Windows app that integrates desktop and web apps into Media Center.

thEndUsr podcast debuts on The Digital Media Zone on Wednesday March 7. Chris and Taylor typically record the show live on Wednesday nights at 8:30 ET, with video. Join in to see the guys behind the new voices at The DMZ, and watch for announcements from @digimediazone and @thEndUsr for showtimes.


  • Anonymous

    I checked the Zune Marketplace but it’s not there yet.  I know your first show is tonight at 8:30 so I’m jumping the gun I suppose.  Any idea when it will be available as a podcast?  I’m looking forward to it.

  • Anonymous

    are you sure you typed it correctly? The zune marketplace is finicky like that. thendusr. It’s definitely in there. Also, this link will take you there.