Lord of the Rings Trilogy Blu-ray Extended Edition Pre-Order

Mar 8, 2011 by

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is amongst many people’s favorite movie collections of all time. While all three movies have previously been released on blu-ray, they haven’t been reviewed very well. The Fellowship of the Ring had numerous visual problems, and essentially no extra features at all. The second in the trilogy, The Two Towers, didn’t fare much better. The final movie, Return of the King, finally resolves the vast majority of the visual issues, while maintaining the excellent audio. Again though, you would be left yearning for more if you’re the type that loves extra features. Not to mention that none of these releases were the Extended Editions that everyone became so accustomed to with the DVD releases.

Now the Extended Editions are finally being released on blu-ray along with many special features. Assuming they have fixed the video quality issues of the first two movies, this may be the set worth owning! The MSRP is $119.98, but you can pre-order through Amazon at $83.99.