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Entertainment 2.0 #99: Less Than A Week Left!!

PrintNo fights this week folks.  Sorry, but we can’t argue all the time but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen.  This week we cover the latest in CableCARD news as well as more video conversion methods.  As well, we’re both hoping that Netflix gives Xbox and Media Center users access to that 1080p, 5.1 sound streaming soon!  Check the links for this week’s topics.


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It’s almost here.  The big 100.  As we’ve said before, we’re not the first show to get there but it is a milestone for us and the celebration will commence on Tuesday October 26th at 8PM ET.  At that time you can join us live as we remember the last 99 episodes as well as give away the great prizes that our sponsors have provided. 

If you have favorite moments from the last two years of shows, drop us an email or call 1-877-856-4933 and leave a voicemail!  We’ll go through them during the show.  As well, Show Analyzer creator, Jere Jones will be joining us for this multiple of 25 episode, so get your SA questions submitted!

There are just a few days left to get your donation in for your chance to win almost $1700 worth of prizes.  The entries get cutoff at midnight on Monday so get them in quickly!  It’s all going out the door Tuesday evening.

Be sure and send us your emails and voicemail! (1-877-856-4933)

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