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Seen in HD 39 – Hulu Plus, U2:360 and Firefly reviews



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No extensive notes this week, I apologize. With the holiday weekend, I just wanted to make sure the show got posted.

We’ll be back next week with the formal write up your used to, and possibly a special guest. Until then, Happy Independance Day and with that I give you, in brief, here’s what we talk about:


A solid week for Blu-ray, marketshare 14%, revenue $26.44M,  +27%.

Book of Eli wins the week in Blu-ray sales and combined DVD/Blu-ray sales.

Blu-ray Reviews U2: 360 Live at the Rose Bowl

Good disc, good video, great audio. Must own for U2 fans, well worth a rental for concert disc fans.

Firefly: The Complete Series – A solid outing for a TV show that lasted only one season.


Singularity released

What we’ve seen/are watching

Blu-ray deals/Releases

The Blu-ray releases for June 29 are, well, there. Hot Tub Time Machine leads the way for not a small list, but an underwhelming one. It’s worth noting it was during this part of the show that the weather at Phil’s house went from “man, it’s pretty stormy” to “holy crap, I hope we’re still here when the show finishes” so it might look like we rushed a bit at the end, because we did.

Deals were very light this week:

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