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Home Server Power Pack 3 Brings Deeper MCE Integration

It looks as though maybe, just maybe, Microsoft gets it.  Or is at least starting to understand that people want to bring the different technologies MS produces together.

Power Pack 3 for Windows Home Server went beta today.  I’ve had a chance to install it but not much time to play so you can expect more info and a screencast early next week.  The best info so far has been provided by the Windows Home Server Team Blog.

Most of the new features are specific to Windows 7 and Media Center.  For one, Power Pack 3 Beta will add Music, Photos and Videos shared folders on the home server to Windows 7 Libraries making the content available for applications such as Windows Explorer, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player and other applications that use Windows 7 Libraries.


Power Pack 3 also adds two new Media Center menu options.  The first appears on the main menu when you update you WHS Connector software.  Called “tv archive” heading in allows you to move selected recorded television programming over to your WHS machine.  You can select entire series or individual episodes for transfer including future scheduled episodes.  Not only that but you can decide to convert the files to save space or specifically for use on a Windows Mobile device or your Zune.  And really, any device that will play back WMVs can use this function.


imageResolutions for the selections are as follows:

  • TV – Original Resolution
  • Windows Mobile – 320 x 240, 500 Kbps, .WMV
  • Zune – 640 x 480, 1500 Kbps, .WMV

The other menu entry can be found under the extras menu.  You can now view WHS stats directly in Media Center.  Oh, and both of these features work on extenders.  Now, if you’re curious as to how your WHS is running you don’t have to get up and head to a PC.  Just do it right from the couch!


There will be more info coming soon.  Keep in mind  that this is a beta release at this time.  If you want the most sable WHS on the planet I wouldn’t suggest it just for that reason.  If you do decide you want to install it however, I was able to get PP3 by heading to Microsoft’s Connect site.

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