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Lutron Increases Caséta Device Limit

Lutron Increases Caséta Device Limit

Lutron has reached out to Caséta Wireless customers, letting them know they will soon increase Caséta’s current 50-device limit by 50% to a total of 75 devices. Lutron Caséta is one of the better lighting control products available today. It’s affordable, the products are well designed, it’s highly compatible with other systems, and it’s quite reliable. But up to now, Caséta supported up to only 50 connected devices.

Of course only 50 may seem fine to most people. But that count can add up quickly if you outfit an entire home with smart switches, remotes, and smart blinds! Customers requiring more than 50 devices had to upgrade to RA2 Select (which is not backward compatible with Caséta devices), or run multiple hubs and tie them together with another system.

Caséta’s device limit apparently ensures the reliability Caséta customers expect. Their announcement specifically mentions the testing they’ve done to verify the level of service with the higher device limit. From the notice:

After extensive testing to ensure that Lutron’s performance standards are maintained, Caséta by Lutron is expanding the device limit from 50 to 75 devices.

This upgrade will provide flexibility to build out your smart home the way you want, while ensuring the same reliability and high-quality performance you’ve come to expect from Caséta by Lutron.

Since Lutron has invested in testing the Caséta device limit now, this is probably it. We’d expect that 75 is as high as that limit will ever go.

Lutron will enable the new device as an app update, currently scheduled for July 8. Once you upgrade your app, you’ll be able to provision beyond the current 50-device limit.