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New SYLVANIA Connected Outdoor Lighting Products at LIGHTFAIR

SYLVANIA SMART+ Outdoor Pathway Lights
LEDVANCE announced new SYLVANIA SMART+ connected outdoor lighting products, including an outdoor BR38 and new pathway lighting. Both will bring dimmable, full color and white tunable lighting to your yard and garden.

It was just a few weeks ago that we were discussing Philips Hue’s entry into outdoor lighting on a recent episode Home: On. In fact, we mentioned that there are few connected outdoor lighting products, particularly for the DIY market. [amazon_link id=”B00R1PB2ZY” target=”_blank” ]LEDVANCE’s Zigbee-based SMART+ LED Full Color Gardenspot[/amazon_link] strip is one notable exception.

Two New Products

At LIGHTFAIR this year, LEDVANCE announced an expansion of its outdoor products with a wet-rated BR38 LED bulb and, perhaps more interestingly, outdoor pathway lighting. These new products will be part of the SYLVANIA SMART+ product lineup, and both are Zigbee based. They’ll each support both full color and white tunable uses.

The wet-rated bulb is exactly what it sounds like—a connected outdoor floodlight. These are for outdoor fixtures like recessed cans, lighting stakes, and floodlight fixtures.

The pathway lights, however, go more to our interest in connected landscape lighting. One package set will consist of five short, pillar-style lights on a 28-foot line. They’ll be driven by a 20W power supply and can be expanded to over 70 feet long.

Think of the Uses!

With lighting options varying from different white temperatures to a whole spectrum of color, you can imagine a variety of use cases. You could use these to light a path or accent the border of a driveway (like runway lights). You could add festive color highlights or rotate through a loop of custom colors. And expect that these will also work with existing partners that support SMART+ Zigbee bulbs like Wink, SmartThings, and Iris.

LEDVANCE hasn’t announced pricing or availability yet for these products, but most of the SYLVANIA SMART+ products have hit the market within just a few months of their introduction. We’re eager to see how bright and durable these new products actually are.

What would you do with connected outdoor lights like these? Have you been waiting for connected outdoor lighting? Weigh in below, in the comments!