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SmartThings Will Soon Work with Lutron Caséta

Aligned with CES 2017, Lutron announced a few new integrations, including with SmartThings. This partnership will allow SmartThings users to connect and control Lutron lights and Serena shades from within the SmartThings app. This is a cloud integration, so it’s not that SmartThings is enabling a hidden ClearConnect radio in its existing hubs. Instead, SmartThings users will be able to connect via their Lutron Caséta account to integrate lights and shades connected to their Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge, allowing them to control and integrate them into routines and SmartApps.

plug-in-dimmer-kit_hiTechnically, this partnership makes Serena the first official shades controllable from within the SmartThings ecosystem and gives SmartThings users some nicer options for dimmer switches and modules than currently available in most Z-Wave and ZigBee systems.

For Lutron, this will expand their integration partnerships, which also include Nest, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Logitech Pop and Logitech Home Hub, Wink, Sonos, and more.

Look for this integration early this year, sometime in Q1. Lutron Caséta starter kits are available onlineSmartThings Will Soon Work with Lutron Caséta and in Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Magnolia stores across the United States.

Source: Lutron


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