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Philips Announces New Hue Motion Sensor, Bulbs

Hue Motion Sensor

If you’re a Philips Hue user, you know how fun and useful Hue lights can be. With numerous remote control options, it’s also possible to manually control Hue lights without pulling out your phone. But to trigger your Hue lights on motion, you had to rely on one of Hue’s numerous integration options with other ecosystems like SmartThings, Wink, Harmony, and others.

That changes in October. At IFA Berlin, Philips announced several additions to the Hue line, including a new, standalone motion sensor. Up to 12 of the new sensors can pair with your Philips Hue bridge to control any of your hue lights. The sensor itself looks much like D-Link’s and CentraLite’s similar devices—a rounded square with a central lens—and can be placed on any shelf or mounted with its built-in magnet/mount system. It’s battery operated and is small enough at 2.2 inches square to be seated or mounted discretely.

The real brilliance in this sensor is that, in addition to common daylight sensing to eliminate unnecessary triggers, you can define separate actions for nighttime and daytime. This is a huge differentiator for Hue and is a feature usually found only in more advanced systems. Of consumer-grade DIY products, Logitech Harmony’s hub-based home and media controllers are the only products we’re aware of this offer sort of advanced programming capabilities.

But Wait…There’s More

In addition to the new motion sensor, Philips also announced that they’d be revving their mainstay color bulbs, with the new versions producing much better (and needed) greens and blues.

But perhaps more interestingly and importantly, Philips also intends to introduce new down-light versions of its White Ambiance lights, filling a notable gap in the product line. Philips Hue White Ambiance LEDs offer white light that’s tunable to your needs from very warm (2200K) through “cold” daylight (at 6500K). While the current A19 offering of this product is sold at $30, it’s yet unknown how much the new BR30 and GU-10 bulbs will cost.


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