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Entertainment 2.0 #335: Gettin’ Groovy

Entertainment 2.0With Josh away, Richard will watch TV on Tuesday nights. No, but seriously, Josh’s absence may be Richard’s excuse for a thinner show schedule, but it’s also a great opportunity to bring DMZ contributor Marques Lyons to the mic to discuss the latest entertainment news.

But first [clearly Richard’s been watching too much Big Brother], Microsoft silently surprises Media Center users with a change to the guide data updates, aligning the data source with the Xbox One. Microsoft ditches the “Xbox” moniker on its music and video services, which leads Marques into a wonderful rant about Microsoft’s multiple missed opportunities with its continued rebranding.

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Scheduling Note: Due to Josh being in China for much of the month of July, there likely won’t be episodes the weeks of July 5th and July 19th.

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Richard Gunther

Richard is a product experience consultant with a life-long interest in consumer electronics. He has been immersed in smart home tech for decades now and hosts The DMZ's home automation podcast, Home: On and co-hosts Entertainment 2.0 with Josh Pollard. Richard looks at products through an experience lens, always seeking the right mix of utility and delight.