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Amazon Rolls Out New, Original Programming

Amazon Rolls Out New, Original Programming

Amazon joins Netflix in the trend of video distribution networks offering original series. Certainly Amazon’s experimented with original content before, and Amazon premiered pilots for it two new comedies, Alpha House and Betas, back in April. Both series debut this month on Amazon Instant Video. Alpha House debuted on Friday, November 15, and Betas debuts on Friday, November 22. Both are half-hour comedies.

Alpha House is a comedy for sure, but this is no sitcom. There’s no laugh track and no live audience. And this is not a family show—they were dropping f-bombs about 20 words in. Think Netflix, HBO, or Showtime. But on Amazon. It’s a location-shot series with high-caliber stars, including John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, and cameos from the likes of Bill Murray and Cynthia Nixon.

What’s interesting about these new shows is Amazon’s premier schedule. Rather than Hulu’s week-by-week approach or Netflix’ tendency to let you binge on a whole season at once, Amazon has taken a somewhat different strategy. The first three episodes of each show are available on the premier date to all Amazon customers. After that, they’ll roll out a new episode each week, available exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers through Amazon Prime Instant Video.

What the first three episodes of Alpha House at [amazon_link id=”B00CDURMD8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon Instant Video[/amazon_link].


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