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Pandora Launches for Windows Phone 8 with Ad-free Streaming for 2013

We’ve known about it for months, but now it’s out: Pandora for Windows Phone 8. Pandora today announced the availability of its ubiquitous Internet radio service for Windows Phone 8 users. This app includes many of the features you expect from Pandora, but it’s designed specifically for the Windows Phone experience.

The new app uses the familiar Windows Phone sliding panels to present recent stations and genres with a persistent search field to find new music at any time. The Pandora live tile shows you what you’re listening to right on your Start screen, and you can pin any number of your favorite stations to Start. Music purchases are powered by Xbox Music, and of course you can refine your station with the familiar thumbs up and thumbs down options.

Parents will like the app’s integration with Kid’s Corner. Open Pandora from Kid’s Corner, and explicit content is automatically filtered out.

As an added bonus, Windows Phone 8 users get ad-free, all-you-can-hear access to Pandora through all of 2013 at no cost—whether they have a paid, Pandora One account or not. Note that this is only available in the U.S. at this time, and Windows Phone 7.x is not supported.

Read more about it on Pandora’s blog.


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