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Nuance to Control TV with Voice via Dragon TV

Nuance to Control TV with Voice via Dragon TV

Remember Dragon Mobile? No? Not many do, but the company behind it, Nuance, been around for a while churning out voice-to-text software that’s been allowing smart phone hipsters to search the web using their own human voice (robot voices to come in the near future.) Before Apple’s Siri was an idea, Dragon was a mobile app available on multiple platforms. Now, they’re branching out into the wild world of TVs and set top boxes with a new product they call Dragon TV.

Anticipating the empty space left by an App-less Apple TV, Dragon TV looks to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Kinect in offering voice commands in your living room. Nuance claims its software will be “flexible”. They are targeting television and set-top-box OEMs. It will be on “embedded, connected and hybrid modes”, whatever that means… From the sounds of it most of the hard work is done in the cloud by their servers, not unlike Siri. This should allow for a quick development cycle for a plethora of products. Still, it makes one wonder, if Apple adds apps to their AppleTV, and adds Siri, would that be a game over for Naunce’s Dragon TV and/or Microsoft’s Kinect?

Source: Nuance via TechCrunch

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