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Google+ v. Facebook … The Showdown

Google+ v. Facebook ... The ShowdownGoogle+ v. Facebook ... The ShowdownIt’s high time I got up off my couch of HD debauchery and scribbled down my recent nerdrants in regards to this young upstart we know as Google+. So, let that be a warning to ye who read forth. I’m going to even include the proper tags.



In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was Myspace, and it was good. Then this young upstart came along that offered simplicity. It offered college students a way to connect to each other. It was a fairly small world, where you’d go to class and say hey! look me up on the Facebook! Then The Book Of Faces grew, and grew, and as it added schools it added features. Oh the features! Adding photo albums to share with your friends, creating groups for classes, and parties, and campus wide zombie nerf survival games (What? your college didn’t have that? LAME). We became immune to the side effects, drawn by the luster of one community to rule them all, one community to find them, one community to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them (ok, farfetched but it sort of fits).

…..WaRNINg D4Ta corupt..on……… (uh oh… we seem to have lost the remaining pages of this rant, in the absence of those pages, we’ll skip on to the interesting bits.)

So now, Facebook has become large. It’s grown in size, in complexity, in vision. What is Facebook? I think it used to be one man’s vision, now it’s Farmville. The alternative?

Google+ is nothing more, and nothing less than Google Plus social networking. It combines Picasa, Gmail, and other popular services into a new hub. It’s been in beta now for a few months and I’ve toyed around with it for long enough for me to say enough is enough Facebook. I like it when my mobile application doesn’t crash every time I attempt to refresh. It’s also handy to have push notifications sent to my phone so the application doesn’t kill my battery because it’s syncing every 5min. Yes, I could increase the sync period but that defeats the purpose of a notification. It’s supposed to be instant. It’s also kind of handy to take pictures on my phone and have them magically appear in the cloud! I watch as my friends upload their pictures into facebook and wonder how they’ll ever get them out? With Plus… you can easily bulk download.

And I haven’t even touched on circles yet! Circles are little nuggets of beauty. They’re groups that you simply drag friends into. Those groups then are an integral part of the Google+ experience. Sharing anything, pictures, video, statuses, links, all go through circles. You tell Google who you want to talk to…not the other way around. Your news feed is sorted by your circles to help you narrow down what you want to look at, at that moment. Facebook attempts to figure out who your friends are and show you their statuses. Who knows who your friends are better…You? or Facebook? (I suppose that’s debatable). I wondered for the longest time why I only saw certain friends statuses…and I realized it’s because Facebook thinks they’re not real friends because I don’t comment on everything they say. But some of them are family, cousins and the like, and I still want to see what they’re up to. Another one of my biggest gripes with Facebook is the ability to edit. A day doesn’t go past that I see someone commenting on their own status because they made a mistake. In Plus, you simply click edit… not sure why that’s a difficult concept to master for Facebook devs.

All in all, it’s hard to explain…it’s simpler, cleaner and just works better. Yeah, it’s in beta and still missing a lot of features, but it’s a work in progress. When it goes live, Google has said that they plan to open it up to 3rd party developers. I’m curious to see where it takes off from there. Could this be what we really need to get people to switch?


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