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This Week on Netflix – 1

This Week on Netflix - 1Netflix is a wonderful media service that is focusing increasingly on  digital delivery. There are a lot of good finds that I’d love to share in this weekly posting (assuming I don’t run out of good content). First thing to note is my personal taste: not all of these posts will be appropriate for all audiences, so please take the ratings into consideration before watching. That said, here’s the first recommendation.

This Week on Netflix - 1First up this week is a documentary about a family that hails from the mountains of West Virginia. If you’re from that region, you might want to take a pass on this one. They’re not exactly the idealistic American dream. Actually…they’re quite the opposite, which makes for a very stirring hour and a half. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and experience a general state of bewilderment as you wander through a family tree that’s somehow stayed alive through murder, heavy drug use and other violence. The director does a good job of not overstating the obvious by interjecting with his voice. It merely documents the events and they stand entertaining and shocking on their own accord.

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia