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Apple Announces Apple TV v2.

ipod-liveblog-2010-0418-rm-engThe big fall apple event has just wrapped up and while most of the stuff out of Cupertino isn’t related to The DMZ, Mr. Jobs did take time to announce the company’s second version of Apple TV. 

It’s small, that’s for sure.  Looks to fit in the palm of your hand.  Connection-wise the device will come with HDMI, USB, Ethernet and Optical audio connections.  Wireless N will also be built in so wiring won’t be a problem.

You won’t be able to store anything on the device itself however you will be able to stream music, pictures and video from a computer as well as the iPad using AirPlay.  As well as local content, you’ll be able to rent content from iTunes.  HD movies and content from two networksipod-liveblog-2010-0383-rm-eng will start off the party.  Apple claims movie availability day and date with DVD and Blu-ray.  ABC and Fox are the only networks to have signed on so far and it’ll be interesting to see if other join anytime soon.  The usual online content providers are in full effect including YouTube, Flickr and Netflix.

I was really hoping for a lot more from the Apple TV announcement.  Some of the ideas I’ve heard in the last few weeks were truly interesting and could have really changed the way TV worked.  It’s too bad Apple doesn’t listen to the same podcasts I do…


Images and liveblog courtesy of Engadget