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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 68: FINALLY!!!!!

Ent20logo2 First we want to apologize to those who join us live every week.  When we’re going to be having multiple people on with us, it helps to cut out the live stuff to conserve bandwidth.  Unfortunately it didn’t help much this week due to software errors.  But while the audio quality isn’t going to be what you’re used to, the content is superb.

Josh and I are joined this week by Jose Ortiz of the TDL Mobile Show and AJ Peck, writer and sometimes co-host for The Home Server Show.  These gentlemen were willing to put up with us for a little over an hour to discuss extenders and their possible/not happening/who knows demise.  We certainly don’t reach any conclusions but it was a fun time anyway.  We thank Jose and AJ for joining us this week.  You can expect Josh and I to return live next Wednesday at 8pm EST on Ustream.

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