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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 59: 2010 Media Center Prediction Show

Ent20logo2 Welcome back and welcome to 2010!  For this, our first official show of 2010, we’re joined by none other than THE Custom Integrator, Derek Flickinger.  He’s bringing his industry expertise to Entertainment 2.0 for the week.

For those of you wondering why we’d be releasing a CES and 2010 prediction show after the Microsoft CES keynote, well, we recorded right before Mr. Ballmer took the stage and snuck in our final predictions for you.  We didn’t just talk CES though.  We walk our way all the way through 2010 so for the next year you’ll have plenty of chances to write or call us and let us know how wrong we are…maybe.

Thanks again to DrFlick for joining us and thanks to our listeners.  Hopefully 2010 will be even better than 2009 was for Entertainment 2.0 and Media Center!

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