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Boxee Box in Development

boxee It appears that the survey Boxee put out a few months ago wasn’t for nothing.  The company announced through their blog today that they are “working closely with a CE company” to develop a branded piece of hardware.

Over the next few years there will be a great change in the way we consume entertainment on our TV. The Internet is (finally) coming to the TV and with it will come a whole new world of content, applications and innovations.

We are building Boxee as a platform that would:

  • make it easy for users to consume and find content – no matter what the source
  • give content owners, aggregators, and developers the tools to create unique experiences with a variety of business models
  • enable CE companies to enhance their Connected devices

The company will be showing mockups at their upcoming beta launch event in NYC on December 7th.  As a Media Center user, I can’t say that I use Boxee all the time.  But with it now added to my MCE menu, I’m finding it easier to get RSS content as well as other streaming services onto my TV.  It’ll be interesting to see (for HTPC users anyway) whether another “box under the TV” will be worth it.

via the Boxee Blog



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