The DMZ Wants You!


That’s right!  We want you to join us!  Do you enjoy home theater, portable media or digital content?  Have you wanted to write about these topics and just haven’t had time to set up a site or blog?  Why not join us here.  Not sure if you’d be a good fit or if you’re sure what’s involved?  Take a look:


Anyone who’s passionate about digital content and the devices used to enjoy it.


All DMZ content.  If you’re a regular reader you know what that is.  Digital content and the devices used to play it back.  This can mean music, television and movies.  Blu-ray, DVD, streaming or download.  Home theater, home theater PCs and portable media players.  If it’s digital content we cover it.

The Requirements

Enjoyment digital content or some aspect of it.  We’re looking for people who enjoy at least one aspect of digital content.  Distribution?  Playback?  The business side?  Hardware?  Super!  Join us and put it to use!  Of course, as well as enjoying what you do, we do require that you’re able to write.  Whether it’s reviews, how-tos or something else, being able to put your thoughts to the screen is needed.  As well, we should mention that you’ll need a PC to be able to post and upload your articles.

What you get:

For now, the joy of sharing your knowledge and interest with our readers.  Seriously, as a site we’re not making a dime yet so that’s where we stand.  If we get to that point then great!  No promises but hopefully we can eventually compensate people for the writing but it simply won’t happen at this time.


Simply email us and let us know you’re interested.  Let us know why you’re interested in joining The DMZ and a little about yourself.  If you’ve been published somewhere else then a link would be great!  We’ll need a short sample of your style so if you can include that it would be great as well.


About the author

Adam Thursby

Adam Thursby is the founder and creator of The Digital Media Zone.