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Seen in HD Episode 8


Episode eight of Seen in HD and we’re talking Blu-ray. Third quarter sales figures were released and the Blu has seen an 83% increase on the year, 66% compared to last year. Is it a sign of things to come, or just a new format catching up? We take a look at a couple different twists on the story.

Also, a recent survey by Retrevo talks about what Blu-ray needs to do for the holidays to get more people buying, we’ll take a look at that as well. Despite what some people like to think, PS3 owners are watching Blu-rays on their consoles.

Disney’s CEO gives a slightly more grim picture of the Blu-ray game, telling a group of investors that the Mouse House isn’t getting what it would like from the format. Finally, some theater owners are taking issue with the speed at which new Blu-rays and DVDs are being released following the theatrical release.

Our Blu-ray review for the week is Spider-Man 3. Phil liked the audio and video, but the movie left him a bit underwhelmed.

In looking at HD content in the past week, one of the highlights was JFK – 3 Shots that Changed America on History. Phil gives a report on that two-part show. Coming up, the World Series is likely to get the bulk of the attention until November hits, as the premieres have all but dried up. Follow all the premieres on Geek Tonic’s Ultimate Fall 2009 Premiere Schedule.

In the HD Sportsman, baseball is on all week as the league championship series will decide who plays on FOX for the World Series title. No 3 Texas heads to Missouri Saturday on ABC at 8 and Penn State travels to Michigan at 3:30 on ESPN/ABC. Check out the full HD Sportsman here.

Finally, an underwhelming Blu-ray release slate for Oct. 20 is headlined by Ice Age III.

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