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New Media Browser Due October 22nd

g1 Since the last update of Media Browser for Windows Media Center we haven’t heard a whole lot.  There’s been discussion that the application would go to a pay model instead of the freebie we all currently enjoy but other than that, it’s been strangely quiet.  This is very different from what we’re used to from the MB team which, for awhile, was publishing updates every two or so weeks.

It now looks as though there’s a new version on the way.  Slated for October 22nd and codenamed “Phoenix” the latest Media Browser will include “a lot of bug fixes, parental controls, support for the Music plugin and a much improved diamond theme.”

I’ve been happy with the latest version of Media Browser though I will say I’ll be glad to see some bug fixes come along.  I have a few hang ups with the current version and I’m hoping they’ve caught most of them.

The only question left is whether or not we’ll have to pay for the latest version.  Sam, the lead developer, was adamant about turning the project into something that could make the developers some money for their time and while I certainly can’t fault them for that, I’m not sure that there are enough potential customers to really make money.  If the customer base isn’t there, you could end up driving away others who might be willing to donate instead.

Either way, I hope the new version works out well.  These guys have created a great app and I look forward to getting/paying for the newest version.

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