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What Are You Wanting From CEDIA?

cedia_expo_2009 We’ve heard some of the rumors and predictions.  Now we want to know what you want to see come out of CEDIA this year.  I think most Media Center enthusiasts like myself will be waiting to hear what Microsoft has to say Wednesday night, but there’s a lot more to CEDIA than just HTPC announcements.

Between home theater, home automation and custom installations, CEDIA is getting to be as big as CES and it looks like this year may be the biggest.  The news we’re seeing is showing a lot more consumer level product announcements this year so the show won’t be limited to those custom installer types.

So what are you waiting to hear about?  Are you an HTPC enthusiast who will be glued to your screen waiting for MS to drop something big?  Or do you want to upgrade your home theater and you want to know what the hot trend is?  Let us know in the poll below what YOU’RE most interested in!

What are you most looking forward to seeing come out of CEDIA?

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