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Logitech Releases S315i and s125i For iPod

It’s summer time.  Time to be hiking, camping, and spending time at the beach.  When you do you don’t want to be ignoring your friends and family by sticking some earbuds in.  While there are a ton of iPod speaker systems out there, Logitech has a few new ones they’d like you to take a look at.

Logitech-S315i First up is the S315i.  It looks sleek, weighs in at 1.74 pounds and provides 20 hours of playback on a single charge.  That’s just about enough for a weekend in the woods or on the lake with friends around the campfire when no one knows how to play guitar.  Pricing out at $129.99 hopefully it sounds as good as it looks.  Considering it’ll recharge your iPod/iPhone at the same time, it just might be worth the price.

Logitech-S125i Next is the step down s125i.  This little bundle will get you 10 hours of playback on four AA batteries.  Only about half the play time but hey, it’s easy to pick up batteries while you’re at the store filling your cooler for the weekend.  At only $69.99 you’ll have to buy a good number of AAs before you get to that $129.99 price tag of the S315i.

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