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Integra Jumps on the Dolby Pro Logic IIz Bandwagon

DTR_30_1_MDD_FR3 It seems that how tall you are is starting to matter in the A/V receiver community.  More and more companies are starting to offer Pro Logic IIz which adds 2 speakers above your front left and rights to provide a sense of height to your surround playback.

The two new receivers from Integra support Pro Logic IIz as well as what are quickly becoming standard Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. 

The DTR-30.1 supports 7.1 surround and comes with six HDMI ports including one on the front of the box. It also offers upscaling to 1080i and Powered Zone 2 technology, with which you can use two of the amplifiers to power Zone 2 and still get 5.1 surround out of the main zone.

The DTR-20.1 comes with only four HDMI ports but both support HDMI 1.3a and both support Deep Color, x.v. Color and output at 90 watts per channel.

The DTR-30.1 can be had for around $800 and the DTR-20.1 for $600 (MSRP)



via CEPro


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