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Zune Upgrade Plan

image Zune Scene is today reporting that Microsoft is going to unveil an upgrade plan for Zune owners starting in June.  The plan apparently is targeted at owners of out of warranty Zune 30s which will no longer be sold.  It doesn’t appear however that it will be limited to those owners.

From Zune Scene:

The source also indicated that extended warranty purchase for all Zune 30’s will no longer be available, the upgrade plan appears to be a sort of replacement for that option. Fortunately all Zune upgrades will come with a full year warranty. Wondering where to get the upgrade? Not at a retail store. Upgrades should be requested on the Zune support line 1-877-GET-ZUNE.

This sounds great for those looking to get more storage, or even a different color.  Looking at the chart below though, I wonder if it’s worth it or just wait for the supposed ZuneHD in Sept…well whenever.




via Got Zune


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