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Napster Lowers Price

image If you read here enough, you already know (or you’ll find out) that I love the Zune marketplace.  Luckily though, it’s not the only buffet on the music downloading/streaming scene.  Napster, famous for being one of the first p2p music sharing services is still alive and kicking and this week dropped the price on their lowest music streaming plan.

Now, when you sign up for Napster, you have a choice to take a $5 a month plan that’ll get you unlimited streaming and five songs to keep.  Not bad if you listen to most of your music at home. 

I say at home because this plan doesn’t allow you to transfer the music to your portable player.  You can only do that with the 5 songs you get to keep each month.  Still, if you like finding new music, this could be a great addition to your home.  Now someone just needs to write a Media Center plugin!



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