The DMZ Media Minute for the week of April 19th, 2010

Apr 20, 2010 by

Holy running out of time Batman!  Couldn’t get the show posted yesterday so I wanted to make sure I banged it out early this morning for everyone out there wondering where to put their media dollars this week. Once again, it’s a slow one.  While the catalog releases keep rolling to Blu-ray,...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of April 12th, 2010

Apr 12, 2010 by

While the list of titles making their way out this week is again really thin, you’re in luck if you’re making the move over to Blu-ray.  The list is short but there are some classics coming and if you want to check out some classics in HD, now is the time. It’ll be slim pickins in the...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of April 5th, 2010

Apr 5, 2010 by

While it’s still a pretty thin week in terms of new releases, we do get some classics coming to Blu-ray this week.  If you’re looking to move your collection to HD or have never looked at some of this content, it should be a good week for you. As far as theatrical releases go?  Good...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of March 29th, 2010

Mar 29, 2010 by

Wow, what a shallow, shallow week when it comes to video content.  At least music picks it up a little this week with some very popular groups releasing new albums. Per request, I’ve added theatrical releases to the show.  Now you’ll know what to look for when you head to the local...

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The DMZ Media Minute Returns-Week of March 22nd, 2010

Mar 21, 2010 by

While it’s been quite awhile since we’ve covered the weekly digital media releases, I thought it was time to bring back The DMZ Media Minute.  Each week you’ll get a three to five minute podcast detailing the upcoming week’s Blu-ray, DVD and music releases. While most weeks, you can have...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the Week of August 4th, 2009

Aug 2, 2009 by

Another week has come and as the selection gets a bit thinner this week, there are some quality titles to be had!  The one thing I can say for sure is that the Collector’s Pick of the Week was easy.  It was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid and it still is to this day.  You can...

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DMZ Media Minute for the Week of July 27th, 2009

Jul 26, 2009 by

Wow!  Talk about going from drought to flood.  The new releases are a-plenty this week, to the point that it’s going to be hard to decide where to put your money.  Between both movies and TV series releases, there’s something for everyone… well except maybe for the kids.  Not a whole lot...

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The DMZ Media Minute For The Week Of July 13th, 2009

Jul 12, 2009 by

Another slow summer week but we see a bit of pick up.  At least numbers wise.  I won’t comment on quality.  We’ll keep it coming and this week I have a bit of a poll for all the listeners. While I want to keep The DMZ Media Minute as short as possible, I’ve been considering a longer show...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the Week of July 5th, 2009

Jul 5, 2009 by

Another slow summer week of movie releases to digital media.  You’d think that studios would want to keep us buying in this economy but I guess they’re hoping we still want to go to the theater.  Hopefully this will pick up soon and I can start providing some more information for you...

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The DMZ Media Minute: Week of June 29th, 2009

Jun 28, 2009 by

Back again this week and I’ve decided to make a bit of a change to the show.  From here on out I’ve decided to drop the music portion of the show.  At this point, I just don’t feel as though it fits as well with the movie portion.  This will also allow me to shorten the show up for...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the Week of June 22nd, 2009

Jun 21, 2009 by

Welcome back!  It’s a bit of a slow week for movie releases but we make up for that a bit with new music.  Summer is typically a slow time for new releases across all markets other than in the theater.  We all know that’s when the blockbusters hit.  But when you’re not at the theater for...

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The DMZ Media Minute: Episode 2: Week of June 15th, 2009

Jun 14, 2009 by

The show got cut in half time wise this week but as you can see by looking below, there are a lot of great titles releasing for the week of June 15th.  The Blu-Ray titles for this week include some classic movies which I’m sure more than one reader or listener is going to want to add to their...

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