EZVIZ Lookout is a Doorbell Camera for Peepholes

Jan 9, 2018 by

One group of people that are frequently forgotten about in the smart home craze are those who make their home in apartments or condos. Video doorbells have quickly risen in popularity as a great way to keep tabs on who is coming to your home regardless of where you might be, but what if you live in a multi-unit building? EZVIZ has come to the rescue of those looking to bring expanded functionality and smarts to their peephole.

Today EZVIZ is announcing a video peephole camera called Lookout. It’s a direct replacement for your existing peephole and viewer. The part that sits on the outside of the door is very obviously a camera, but it also includes a doorbell button. On the inside of the door, you’ll find a 4.3″ touchscreen video viewer.

The EZVIZ Lookout is battery powered, so you won’t need to worry about running wiring to it. The app will notify you whenever the button is pressed or when it detects a person is at the door. It has human detection, so it won’t notify you if a dog runs down the hall. The Lookout also sports facial recognition. With that, you’ll be able to set up special notifications for different people.

While you can obviously view who is at the door from the attached touchscreen, you can also use their mobile app. That works even if you’re not at home. The peephole camera in the EZVIZ Lookout also has microphones, so you can voice chat with whoever might be at the door.

The EZVIZ Lookout is expected to be released in the second quarter of this year. It will retail for $229.

Press Release (DOCX) and Fact Sheet (PDF)

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