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Axiim Q UHD Media Center Receives CES Innovation Award

Axiim Q Innovation Awards Image Web Home pageConvenience trumps fidelity! That’s the phrase we often here cited when choosing between many entertainment technology options. Sometimes a product comes along that doesn’t force you to choose though. The Consumer Technology Association (the organization behind CES), saw that Axiim’s new Q UHD Media Center is indeed a device that gives customers their cake while allowing them to eat it too! The new device gives users the ability to wirelessly place speakers anywhere around their home theaters and still maintain 4k UHD visuals with HDR on their television.

We reviewed Axiim’s first Q Media Center and wireless speakers last year. We loved the convenience of being able to place speakers anywhere around the room without needing to worry about running speaker wire. The Q’s WiSA technology enables the audio signal to be sent wirelessly to each speaker. That means the individual satellites and subwoofer simply need to be within reach of a power outlet. The biggest limitation of the first generation product was that it topped out at supporting 1080p content through its six HDMI inputs. With the new model, the Q UHD Media Center, every input supports 4k UHD resolutions and high dynamic range (HDR) video.

The CTA has announced that the 4k capabilities of the Axiim Q UHD Media Center are worthy of making it a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. After all, it is the first WiSA-compliant device to support 4k video from multiple sources.

If you’re interested in picking up an Axiim Q UHD Media Center bundle, they can be pre-ordered at significant discounts right now. They should be shipping any day now too. Axiim has even gone above everyone’s expectations in supporting their earliest adopters. Everyone who purchased the first generation device is eligible to receive a free upgrade to the UHD model!

Along with the announcement of the new media center, Axiim is releasing new speakers. The new WM series speakers have a new sleek design and the model-line has optional tower speakers to compliment the smaller bookshelf speakers.

Axiim will be demonstrating the new Q UHD Media Center and WM series speakers at CES in January. We’ll be there to check them out, so expect more from us very soon.


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