Formula 1 to FINALLY be Broadcast in HD

Jan 13, 2011 by

It may come as a surprise to you that the most technologically advanced form of racing is not currently in high definition. Even if you’ve watched a grand prix you may have been fooled into thinking it was HD because it was widescreen. Fortunately, and FINALLY, in 2011, Formula 1 Management will be producing and distributing all races, practice and qualifying sessions in HD.

Formula One Management produces the television, and then distributes it to television stations. While not all partnerships have been announced, American fans can rejoice in the news that SPEED will be showing all 16 of the events that they own the rights to in HD. The other four events will be broadcast on Fox presumably also in HD. If the video quality isn’t what you were expecting when you finally have the chance to watch a race you may not be able to blame Bernie Ecclestone as the feed will be distributed with a bitrate of 42 Mb/sec! You can bet I’ll be ready to watch the first event in just 55 days!


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