The Movie Podcast

The Movie PodcastCan’t decide where to spend your digital dollars? Standing at the store wondering if that Blu-ray copy of “Class of Nuke’em High” is worth it? Look no further.

Each week, James Montemagno and Michael Rivette take you through the latest Blu-ray, DVD and theatrical releases so you don’t waste your money on pure dreck. We’ll let you know what’s worth it and what’s not. Should you buy, rent or not bother? That’s what we’re here for.

Your Hosts:

James Montemagno (@jamesmontemagno)

James is a Phoenix resident and Software Engineer by day and a Media Center geek by night. James started in the community recently when he launched and was featured on the Entertainment 2.0 podcast. He needed a reason to tell his girlfriend that they needed to watch more movies so he decided he wanted to start a new podcast all about the latest released. He is an avid movie goer and watcher and hopes to bring a fresh insight and look at all of the movie releases each and every week.

Michael Rivette (@msrivette)

Michael is a Graphic Designer currently living and working in Albany, NY. He loves watching and discussing movies, and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on matters that are of interest to him. When he isn’t watching movies hes busy running, going to museums, camping, buying and drinking tea, playing video games, or having the occasional beer.

Music for The Movie Podcast provided by Amish Rake Fight.


The Movie Podcast The Movie Podcast The Movie Podcast   The Movie Podcast