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Entertainment 2.0 #499 – Cool but Overpriced

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After weeks of leaks the TiVo Edge has been officially announced. It’s got a lot of great things going for it, but one big downside. Pandora is, in some ways, going back to their roots. The Sonos Move is available. Xbox has teamed up with Spotify to give you six-months of free music. Google Assistant can now control the Xbox One. Sony is feeling pressure in the game streaming marketplace, and Josh breaks down all the free games you can you get this month.

Please send us your voice messages or emails for our 500th episode! We’d like to receive them by Sunday October 13th. We want to hear about what your entertainment center looked like in 2008. What do you miss the most? What are you most excited about in today’s entertainment tech? We’ve got some fun (not fabulous) gear to give away too!

Join us most weeks for the live recording of Entertainment 2.0 on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm ET!

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About the author

Josh Pollard

Josh Pollard

Josh has been writing software since his parents brought home their first computer. His love for gadgets and technology eventually spurred a passion for home theater technology. After starting the DMZ, he received Microsoft’s MVP award for Windows Media Center. Even though the beloved home theater PC platform is all but dead he continues to tinker with consumer entertainment technology. He’s a life-long gamer and DIY smart home enthusiast. He co-hosts the Entertainment 2.0 podcast with Richard Gunther and the DMZ’s gaming podcast, Story Players, with Joe DeStazio.

About the author

Richard Gunther

Richard Gunther

Richard is a digital technology consultant with a life-long interest in consumer electronics. He has been immersed in smart home tech for decades now and hosts The DMZ's home automation podcast, Home: On and co-hosts Entertainment 2.0 with Josh Pollard. Richard looks at products through an experience lens, always seeking the right mix of utility and delight.