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Home: On #100 – The Hundredth One, with Josh Pollard

Home: On #100 - The Hundredth One, with Josh PollardCan you believe we’ve done this one hundred times now? So of course I invited Josh Pollard back to reminisce about the last four and a half years of Home: On and the smart home industry at large. We also talk a little bit about what’s ahead. Spoilers: I’m looking for a new job!

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We’re not sharing any affiliate products for this episode. Instead, this episode is dedicated to Home: On guest Bill Worthen, who passed away in January 2017. Please do something for the environment to honor his memory. And check out our early episode with Bill, Home: On, #006 – Holistic Sustainability.


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Richard Gunther

Richard is a product experience consultant with a life-long interest in consumer electronics. He has been immersed in smart home tech for decades now and hosts The DMZ's home automation podcast, Home: On and co-hosts Entertainment 2.0 with Josh Pollard. Richard looks at products through an experience lens, always seeking the right mix of utility and delight.