SiliconDust Plans HDVR All-in-One DVR and Tuner (Update: Connect Duo+)

Update (January 10, 2018 3pm PT) — This post has been updated to reflect the naming information we just received from SiliconDust. For what it’s worth, we like the new name, HDHomeRun Connect Duo+, better than HDVR.

hdhomerun-connect-duo-plusYesterday we brought you the news that SiliconDust has announced plans to release a six-tuner CableCARD tuner this year, but that wasn’t their only new product announcement. They also announced plans for a new stand-alone DVR solution for cord cutters called the HDVR 2 HDHomeRun Connect Duo+.

The HDVR 2 HDHomeRun Connect Duo+ will be a product aimed at cord cutters who are looking for an easy way to get an over-the-air DVR without running server software on an always-on computer. To accomplish this, SiliconDust will take their two-tuner HDHomeRun Connect Duo and added extra processing and storage. This will allow them to then run their HDHomeRun DVR software directly on the Connect Duo without the need of a computer.

SiliconDust is initially planning to put 250 GB of storage on board. This should allow for around 60-hours of HD recording. It won’t be expandable directly through USB, but if the user later purchases a NAS, they can install the HDHomeRun DVR software on it. We were told that if a user does that, all of their recording schedules and preferences would seamlessly work on the new NAS.

Two tuners might not be enough for all customers, but SiliconDust doesn’t have any plans at this time to make four or six tuner versions of the HDVR HDHomeRun Connect Duo+. They don’t see the need because the HDHomeRun ecosystem already allows you to easily add more devices to your network.

The HDHomeRun DVR service from SiliconDust is a full-featured live and recorded television solution that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and many NAS devices. It requires almost no configuration. Once it’s set up, live and recorded programs can be viewed from practically any imaginable device. They have client applications for Windows, Android, Android TV, Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV, iOS, and more. The DVR service does have a $35 per year subscription fee, but that one subscription covers as many devices as you can throw at it. That’s a deal you’re not likely to get from your cable television provider.

SiliconDust wasn’t ready to discuss pricing of the new box. The plan is to release the HDVR 2 HDHomeRun Connect Duo+ around mid-year. As always at CES, release dates should always be taken with a grain of salt.

For more discussion of this product, check out the latest episode of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast. We covered this, and many other new announcements, in our weekly entertainment technology show.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect Duo+ Press Release


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