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Now You Can Watch Netflix Offline on iOS, Android

Netflix Corporate Headquarters

There’s been lots of debate about whether it would actually happen or not, but Netflix has officially added offline viewing capabilities to its apps for iOS and Android. Not all of the content is available for download (likely limited by licensing rights), but of the movies, shows, and originals we poked through, most could be downloaded.

The download process is straightforward: Look for a new Download icon in the banner for movies or next to each episode in the newly redesigned episodes list. Tap the icon and the download begins. You do not need to keep the app open to complete the download, and you can even watch other content while the download completes. Your downloaded episodes appear in a new My Downloads section near the top of the slide-in menu, available for you to access in airplane mode or offline.

Click Download to use Netflix offline and watch the video later.

Customers have been asking to use Netflix offline for years now, and it’s nice to see that the company has obliged. Just remember that not all of the content you can download may be appropriate viewing on an airplane! Now if only we could get Netflix and Apple to play nice for that new TV app….


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