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Mac Home Controller Indigo Gets Major Update

Mac Home Controller Indigo Gets Major Update

Indigo Domotics, maker of the powerful, Mac-based Indigo home control software, has released a major update to the Indigo product. Version 7.0 is now available, adding major Z-Wave improvements as well as other updates for users and developers alike. In addition to supporting over 60 new Z-Wave devices, Indigo 7.0 also now fully supports Z-Wave encryption, allowing the platform to now support Z-Wave locks. The update also supports the newest Insteon devices, including the recently-released Insteon Siren Module. [Note, however, that Indigo’s Insteon integration requires a PowerLinc Modem or Adapter and does not work with the newer Insteon Hubs]. Indigo still has a robust plug-in ecosystem, and this update brings new and enhanced plug-ins to the product, including support for Hue, LIFX, and more.

Like past major updates to Indigo, this is a paid upgrade for all Indigo users, ranging anywhere from around $90 to $220, depending on which version you’re currently running. New users can expect to pay just under $250 for the product. Unlike past releases, Indigo 7 consolidates all features into one product, eliminating the separation between Pro and Lite versions. With this move, Indigo is clearly targeting the hardcore DIY crowd (which is likely who would be buying home control software to run on an always-on computer anyway).

InIndigo UIdigo remains one of the most powerful platforms available for a home-spun home control system. If you’re a Mac user or have an older Mac lying around, this is an ideal solution; and it’s one of the DIY products available that lets you easily tie together Insteon, X10, and Z-Wave devices into one interoperable system.

Like HomeSeer and other DIY controllers, though, this product is starting to show its age. The decade-old interface and design approach looks heavy and dated, particularly compared to modern Mac software. While this product’s primary user is likely a techy person anyway, we hope Indigo Domotics invests in UX resources and noticeable UX improvements in a future release.

If you’re interested in trying Indigo, you can get a 30-day free trial to see if it meets your home control needs.


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