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Jasco Releases Enbrighten Z-Wave Connected Bulb


Jasco, the company known for numerous connected home products, has released a new connected LED bulb. The new Enbrighten Smart LED Bulb has all the usual specs: It’s an A19 (standard Edison) dimmable bulb with a 60w equivalent light output at 750 lumens. It sports a color temperature of 2700K, which is the common warm white best suited for indoor residential spaces, and it has a color rendering index of 80, which is…OK.

enbrightenboxWhat’s special about this bulb, then? Well, most connected bulbs are either ZigBee, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi-based. This one is controlled through Z-Wave Plus. To say that Z-Wave bulbs are rare would be an understatement, despite the many, many Z-Wave systems deployed in homes today.

We’re happy to see this bulb hit the market, though we hope the price comes down to be more competitive with other, more mature connected bulbs like those from CREE and Hue. The Enbrighten bulb lists for $29.99, but it’s available at Amazon for about $25Jasco Releases Enbrighten Z-Wave Connected Bulb.

Source: Press release on BusinessWire


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