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Channel Master Adds Sling TV to their OTA DVR

Sling+TV+and+DVR+Channel Master has become one of the go-to DVRs in the over-the-air space. The Channel Master DVR+ is a fairly simple device. You plug an over-the-air antenna and external hard drive into it, and you get a nice little DVR. That’s great if you only care about the content you can get over-the-air, but what if you just can’t kick that sports habit, or you simply must watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead the night it comes out? You’re probably going to need ESPN and AMC to get your fix. Unfortunately, cable subscriptions are expensive, which is probably why you ditched cable in favor of an antenna. That’s where Sling TV comes in.

Last year at CES DISH Network announced Sling TV. It’s a service that provides many of the most common pay-tv channels, like ESPN, CNN, Disney, and AMC, through an internet streaming service. Perhaps the best part about Sling TV is that it only costs $20 per month.

This year at CES Channel Master announced that their DVR+ will now support Sling TV. That means that with just one device you can watch and record your favorite broadcast shows over-the-air, and still keep up with all the premium content. Did we mention that DVR+ doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee? Most of its competitors do. Did we mention that Sling TV isn’t the only over-the-top service supported by DVR+? It already has most of the other services you’re probably looking for including Netflix, Youtube, Vudu, Pandora, and more.

With the addition of Sling TV to an already robust and low-cost system, Channel Master’s DVR+ is quickly becoming the cord-cutter’s best choice for a single device that can give them access to all the content they actually want. Keep an eye on The Digital Media Zone to see if any of Channel Master’s competitors can catch up, or surpass, their unique value proposition.

Source: Channel Master


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