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LG OLED TVs Are Getting More Affordable


At CEDIA’s Future Home Experience (the newly rebranded CEDIA Expo) in Dallas, TX, LG is showing off its line of OLED TVs, supporting 4K and HDR streaming, at lower prices. Recognizing a demand for more traditional, flat TV form factors, LG has aligned its EF9500 (flat) and EG9600 (curved) OLED 4K displays with identical, reduced pricing, including a limited time $1000 instant rebate enticement.

The TVs have dropped in price from $6,999 for a 65 inch display to $4,999 and from $5,499 to $3,999 for the 55 inch versions. This represents a 30—45% price drop and includes the $1,000 instant rebate, which lasts through 2015.

LG’s OLED TVs have received some of the highest marks in competitive product reviews, with some sources indicating that the black levels were unmeasurable on their current rating scales. These TVs are perfectly suited for HDR. Amazon is currently the only source streaming HDR content, though we are likely to see more as HDR starts to gain consumer awareness.

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