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Kwikset Adds Android Support for Kevo


Kwikset has released a long-awaited Android app for its popular Kevo deadbolt lock. Until this point, Kevo was only available to consumers with an iPhone 4S or later, a handful of other newer iOS devices, or a proximity fob available through Kwikset. This limitation was because only the iPhone supported the specific implementation of Bluetooth LE (low energy) required to operate the lock. With Android Lollipop and some newer phones and tablets, however, that has changed.

Kevo on AndroidInitially, only a very limited number of devices are compatible with the lock—three, to be exact: The Nexus 6 and Galaxy S5 are the only phones currently supported, and the Nexus 9 is the only supported tablet (though we doubt we’ll see many pulling out their tablets as a key substitute). As more new devices with Lollipop implement the right flavor of Bluetooth, this list of compatible devices will grow.

The Android app brings the expected capabilities to the Android users: unlock the deadbolt without pulling out your keys or phone, view lock activity history, assign guest keys and schedules, etc. The new Android app is available in the Play store at no cost.

Source: CNET

Read the press release from Kwikset


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