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Securifi Readies WiFi Router with Built-in Smarthome Hub

Securifi Readies WiFi Router with Built-in Smarthome Hub

For a while now, we've been in the camp that's been asking, “why doesn't someone just build a smarthome hub right into a router?” And while D-Link announces its own new head-scratching hub as yet another standalone product, we're happy to see that Securifi is coming to market with a solution of its own.

You may remember hearing about the Securifi Almond+ router a while back, when it raised a lot of attention (and funding) on Kickstarter. It's a touchscreen router that also includes ZigBee and Z-Wave radios. The onboard screen allows you to configure and control devices at the source, or you can use their apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or the web to manage your connected home devices.

The Almond+ will be available on Amazon.com later this week, though it's unclear whether that's for pre-sale or immediate availability. For the month of January, the Almond+ will sell for $199.99, after which the suggested price is $249.99. A lower-priced update to the standard Almond router offering future upgradability for Z-Wave support will cost just $99.99.

This integration of hardware is widely anticipated. What remains to be seen is whether the makers of routers—with their traditionally complicated and technical configuration interfaces—will deliver satisfying customer experiences for home control.

Read the press release from Securifi.



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