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Get Staples’ New Connect Hub with Bluetooth, ZigBee for Free!

D-Link Staples Connect Hub

Staples has released its next generation home automation hub, the D-Link Staples Connect Hub, announced earlier this year. The new hub adds ZigBee and Bluetooth LE support to the Connect’s already rich collection of Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Lutron ClearConnect radios.

Many readers may also remember that there’s been talk about add-on support for INSTEON since CES 2014. Both Staples and INSTEON have confirmed for The Digital Media Zone that this is still planned, but there’s been no 2448a7announcement of timing yet. Our bet is that the recently re-release of the INSTEON Portable USB AdapterGet Staples' New Connect Hub with Bluetooth, ZigBee for Free! will be the answer, and at this point it’s more about getting the software for the integration completed.

In light of Revolv’s recent exit, Staples could be INSTEON users’ only out-of-the-box solution for integration with other devices and protocols.

D-Link’s new hub will cost consumers $79.99, but you can score one for free until the start of the new year by purchasing two Staples Connect-compatible devices that retail for $29.99 or more. So if you were contemplating a hue bulb purchase or buying some Z-wave wall switches, consider getting them at to take advantage of this limited-time offer.


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