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thEndUsr Episode 182: VoLTÉ

thEndUsr podcastChris and Taylor talk about the new BlackBerry Passport, Amazon’s new tablets and Kindles, iPhone 6 reactions, a new Age of Empires, and some home theater tech.

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  • Hey guys in your talk about the BlackBerry Passport you forgot to mention what it is probably the most important and innovative feature about the  keyboard, it is a touch sensitive keyboard that functions as a trackpad for scrolling on Web pages or applications without the need to touch the screen at all, you can swipe up to for predictive text or swipe right to left to delete words.

    In regards to the Android apps running on BlackBerry 10, there’s no need to tailor anything unless your apps requires Google services, other then that you can run the apps as they’re packaged for Android devices, all you need is the app.apk since you can install those directly, aside from the Amazon app store you can also use android apps stores such as 1Mobile market or even the Nokia android app store.

    There is also an application called Snap, which is a native BlackBerry 10 app that allows you to access the Google play store apps catalog, this has to be sideloaded though, but once that’s done you just need to sign in with you Google account and you get access to any application you have installed in any android device including your paid apps (note that paid apk files are immediately deleted once installed to avoid piracy).