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Microsoft Shutters Media Center Forums

Microsoft Shutters Media Center ForumsIt’s no secret that Microsoft hasn’t exactly been showing a lot of love for Windows Media Center, or its users, lately. They’ve taken yet another step in eroding that relationship though. Back in 2009 Microsoft purchased The Green Button. It was a forum site dedicated to Windows Media Center, and it was full of useful tips, tricks, and support information. Later they migrated it into their Windows Experts Community. Many fans were very upset about the new site, and they found it far more challenging to use. This led some to create a new community at The Green Button.TV. That community has grown and flourished since it’s inception in 2011. It’s a good thing that it has too, because this week Microsoft killed the Windows Experts Community, and all of the content within it. When attempting to go to the site you’re redirected to Microsoft Answers. People looking for help with Windows Media Center are being directed to head to the “Music, Photos, and Videos” section of the site. Unfortunately, we’ve seen numerous incorrect, or unhelpful, responses  over the years at Microsoft Answers with regards to Media Center.

At this point it looks like the treasure trove of content that used to be on the Windows Experts Community is now gone. Unless they restore it in some way we recommend you send all of your future questions over to the guys at The Green Button.TV. You can also attempt to find archived content through the Internet Archive. We’ll keep you posted on the situation.


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