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Philips’ StoryLight Syncs Ambient Lighting to Content

Philips' StoryLight Syncs Ambient Lighting to Content

Philips has announced some new additions to its hue product lineup. In addition to two new bulbs for track and downlighting fixtures, respectively, Philips has also posted a YouTube video of the previously-announced StoryLight—a product partnership with Disney that synchronizes color in your child’s room with an updated version of the Disney Storytime app.

What if your ambient environment could be controlled by games or movies?

As you read your child’s favorite Disney stories in the Storytime app, the StoryLight changes color in sync with the mood and theme of the story. It’s a clever tie between media and ambient environment from the company that brought you the flat screen TV with rear-mounted ambient lighting. It seemed gimmicky at the time, but use cases like this—which are curated and designed to enhance a story rather than calculated based on color averages—make us wonder what the future could hold. We know of Microsoft’s experimentation with peripheral room projections for gaming.What if your ambient environment could be controlled by games through existing room lighting? And what possibilities does this open up for home theaters?

StoryLight is, more or less, a modified LivingColors Bloom from Philips’ Friends of hue line reimagined as Mickey’s iconic silhouette. We should expect similar capabilities and control options (e.g., hue app, IFTT, Harmony remotes, and compatible ZigBee systems). It uses an 8 watt multi-color LED light to project millions of colors at 120 lumens, resulting in a soft glow of color in a dim room.

While many outlets are reporting the Disney StoryLight news as a fresh product partnership announcement, it’s actually one of many Disney products that Philips announced earlier this Summer. But no wonder everyone’s confused. Even Philips’ own hue microsite lacks any information about these new products or where you can buy them. The real news, which everyone seems to have missed, is that these products are now available at Apple Stores in the US, including the new StoryLight. (So…I’ll be right back….)

Philips' StoryLight Syncs Ambient Lighting to Content
Yep…the Apple Store has Philips’ new StoryLight

In fact, the StoryLight starter kit is available from the Apple Store for $159.99. If you already have hue, though, you don’t need this SKU, which includes the hue network bridge. Philips will also be selling the StoryLight as a less expensive extension kit without the bridge.

Read Philips’ July press release



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