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My Movies Arrives on Windows Phone

My Movies Arrives on Windows Phone

Denmark-based Binnerup Consult has released a Windows Phone version of its popular My Movies app. My Movies, as many of our readers know, is a full-featured movies and TV archive library for Windows Media Center. Over the past few years, the developers have released mobile companion apps to view, manage, and control your movie library. The apps sync with your hosted master library, keeping all of your devices in sync with your latest titles. With this latest release, My Movies now covers all of the major smartphone platforms.

Windows Phone UX purists will be happy to learn that the app brings the My Movies experience to the platform in true Metro style. It uses pivoting “tabs” to navigate between different types of information, giving Windows Phone users the experience they expect and appreciate.

While the application is not designed to play content from your My Movies server, this is on the roadmap for a future release.

My Movies is available for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 for $5.99. There’s a trial version that limits your library size to 50 titles. For more information on the app’s features and capabilities, check out the product page at the My Movies web site.

Source: My Movies Press Release


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